Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You want blacks to work where Massa Rick" DOG Whistle" Santorum?

 gop presidential candidate Rick Santorum (r. Pennsylvania) says he want to stop making black folks lives better by giving them white folks money for doing nothing.  Santorum wants black folks to get off their lazy, shiftless, Donkey's and work for their  money.  

Uh, you want blacks to work and earn money where Massa Santorum Suh?

I guess Rick forgot how his republican brethren shipped all the jobs over seas, then blocked President Obama's jobs bill.

You won't hear it on TeeVee or Talk Radio but, more white Americans are on welfare than black Americans,  thanks to republican follies like all war all the time,   raiding the surplus, giving the rich a  tax cut,  massive deficits , bank bailouts, and chronic unemployment, which lead to record mortgage foreclosures.

Not only does Santorum not want to make black folks lives better, he doesn't want women to have control of their uterus and reproductive organs.  How any self respecting woman could vote for him or any of the other gop a$$ clowns is a mystery to me.

Psst Rick!  The next time you want to blow your dog whistle, get someone else to do it for you.

Choosy Moms choose Jiff.....
....and likely republican voters prefer zealots, homophobes, and hypocritical lying sacks of sh#t.

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