Thursday, March 8, 2012


You know, I'm really beginning to resent being banned from Left in Alabama, because Legal Contributor, and resident republican, Old Prosecutor posed a variety of questions related to the acquittal of all the defendents  in the infamous Alabama Bingo Trial  I would love to answer on the pages of Left in Alabama.  But since I'm one of three people in America not allowed to post at LIA,  this forum will have to do.

Although I am not welcome in the LiA kitty, I mean sand box, LiA readers are more than welcome to respond here.  Choices can open a mind, a dialogue.

Q.  "Why did the Feds jump so quick in this matter"?    

A.  Because the Feds were after people, not crimes.

Q.  "When does politics as usual cross into being a crime?" 

A.  When the Feds go after people not crimes.

Q. " Why would a democratic Attorney General approve this"?

A.  Because of Alabama's two republican United States Senators.

Q.  "Can't we drop this tar-baby of a case, so we will put on a minimum case so we can get back Washington?"

A.Remember,  the jury in the first trial was deadlocked. Prosecutors were granted a retrial.

Q.  "Scott Beason-how dumb is this guy?"


havealittletalk said...

On-line, completely unregulated, ripoff, garnering multiple complaints and outrage, gambling was available in Alabama for years at a site called If it could go merrily along, scamming folks statewide 24/7, you know this gambling investigation was political piffle.

Redeye said...

"political piffle" indeed. Why can't grown people gamble with their own damn money in their own damn state if they CHOOSE? Alabama is making Mississippi, Tennesse, Georgia and Florida rich.

If you are against gambling...don't gamble.

havealittletalk said...

And when Kay Ivey & cronies screwed around as treasurer & board and watched the PACT funds dwindle away, the "guaranteed" in "guaranteed contracts" was challenged because, after all, everyone knows that investment schemes are a gamble, right?

Every day you get out of the safety of your bed (If you are lucky enough to feel/be safe there) is a gamble.

Redeye said...

Investing in the stock market is a gamble.