Friday, May 21, 2010

Alabama Week In Review~Edited

Or, What I learned about Sweet Home Alabama this week.

When your campaign is tanking, resort to race baiting. It's the Alabama way.

5th district Congressional Candidate Taze Shepperd started the race baiting with the airing of his television ad mentioning his opponent Steve Raby's contribution to former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford. Highlighting Raby's career is fair game, throwing Larry Langford in.... race baiting and tacky.

Part time Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis jumped into the race baiting mix first by releasing an "internal poll" which basically says black folks are going to vote for him because he's black despite his dismal voting record, and white folks are going to vote for him because he's black because of his dismal voting record.

He follows by airing his own race baiting TeeVee ad  featuring African American Civil Rights icon John Lewis and Jesse Jackson Jr.  (not to be confused with Jesse Jackson, Sr.) This comment from taleast says it all;
While this does help Davis counter some of Spark's African-American endorsements I am not so sure this couldn't hurt him in the general. Does a black candidate running on the Democratic ticket really want to have ties to anyone associated with Jesse Jackson in an Alabama general election? I know the realities of the endorsement, and they don't bother me personally, but I think the potential implications of this ad should not be overlooked.

Key words, Artur Davis produced this ad in an attempt to counter Spark's African-American endorsements. It ain't going to work. I don't care if Dr. Martin Luther the King and Rosa Parks come down from Mt. Zion and make a commercial for Artur Davis, Davis' vote against the health care reform bill was the straw that broke the camels back with informed African American voters.

Some more key words; Does a black candidate running on the Democratic ticket really want to have ties to anyone associated with Jesse Jackson in an Alabama general election?

God forbid anyone associate with Jesse Jackson, Jr. or Sr., after all they fought for, and continue to fight for that evil 1964 evil old Civil Rights Act Rand Paul wants to repeal. You know, The Civil Rights Act that made it possible for Artur Davis to be the sitting congressman from the 5th district of Alabama. The Civil Rights Act that gave them there minorities the right to vote and have their vote counted. The Civil Rights Act that desegregated the United States of America.  That Civil Rights Act.

Isn't funny how Artur Davis bashes the traditional civil rights community on one hand, then uses them on the other hand when it suits his political agenda?

Speaking of Artur Davis, the rumor surfaced this week that President Obama is holding a job open for Davis in case he loses the gubernatorial race.

I'm going to admit, I don't know what the outcome will be in the Alabama gubernatorial race. But a friend of mine made this prediction;

Republicans cross over and vote for Davis in the democratic primary. Davis faces Bradley Bryne in the general, and Byrne wins.I tend to agree with the prediction, because the only way Davis can win the democratic primary without the black vote is if white republicans join with with conservative democrats and vote for him.

We'll find out if the employment rumor is true if Davis is appointed U.S. Attorney if he loses the gubernatorial race.

The spotlight was placed on the sorry state of public Education in Alabama this week, thanks to the Jefferson County School teacher who used the assassination of President Obama as a teaching tool. It also placed the spotlight on the double standard and the injustice in Alabama. Of course not one candidate for public office dared make a comment about this issue. Not even the candidates for the Alabama State Board of Education. Not even the Alabama Democratic Party. Not even the Alabama Education Association. Not even the pro education candidates for Governor. Not even the pro education candidates for Congress. Not one mumbling word. Zilch. Nada. Just crickets...

I learned I am not a progressive which is probably why I was banned from Left in Alabama this week. According to the diarist, this is the progressive agenda;

1. New constitution, written and voted on within two years

2. Ethics reform, first year (goal: among top five strongest ethics laws)

3. More equitable tax structure -- ensure everyone pays fair share but only fair share

4. Set and achieve higher educational standards (goal: Alabama in top 10 within 10 years)

5. Aggressive infrastructure development program, to include energy conservation and green building. (Make our roads, public buildings and spaces, etc. energy-efficient, up-dated/repaired and prepared for economic growth)


1. Campaign financing and lobbying reform, first year

2. Single payer health insurance, within two years

3. Clean-energy program, within one year, with goal of 50% non-petroleum based within 15 years and 75% within 25 years (okay - I'm guessing at these figures, but I think we need aggressive but reasonable)

4. Immigration reform - keep borders secure, but provide strong but humane options for those already in country and those wanting to come here

5. Infrastructure development program, with an emphasis on public transportation, safety (thinking of all those failing bridges), improving national parks, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and energy conservation.
I'm this kind of progressive;

We are Progressive Democrats that discuss national, local and regional politics, politicians and issues. We support candidates that share our passion for improving government, ensuring equal rights and opportunity, social and economic justice and civil liberties. We strive to improve the economy, environment and the health of all Americans.
Equal rights, civil rights, and human rights all the way.

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