Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I step away from the blogosphere, cable TV and XM radio for a real life break and all hell breaks loose. Instead of What If Wednesday, This is WTF Wednesday. W=Who, What, Where, When or Why. You know what the T and F mean.

WTF made former, convicted Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford the Willie Horton of the Alabama dirty tricks campaign season? I mean, really? The man is no longer in office and is presently serving a long prison sentence. What more do you want? A pound of flesh? His first born? His wife? His home? Larry Langford is not the black boogie man. You would think Langford raped women, kidnapped children and lynched folks or something. Geesh. Leave Larry Alone!

WTF cares about Ron Sparks bank loan and again, WFT does Larry Langford have to do anything??
Smacks of Langford, actually.
I keep seeing the whole Langford bingo machine thing play out in my head.

WTF kind of ethics platform is Artur Davis running on? It's real ethtical to throw out rumor and innuendo against your opponent. It's realy ethical to throw your constituents under the bus for your own political gain. Congressman Davis, if you have solid evidence Ron Sparks bank loan was illegal or unethical, bring it on, if you don't have solid evidence.........

WTF can't Artur Davis be in favor or Constitution Reform and Health Care Reform? This is why Artur Davis will lose. Watch it and weep.

WTF is taking so long for somebody to just plug the damn hole and stop the millions of barrals of black gold, Texas Tea from polluting the Gulf Coast and possible the eastern seaboard? I mean, really?
Boby Jindal is going to start crying like Ray Nagin any day now, and when he does, you are going to be toast O man. I don't care how much BP is at fault. Ken Salazar will be your Mike Brown. You remember him, don't you O man? "Brownie you are doing a heck of a job". Yeah, that guy. Salazar has been posturing and fuming at BP for days now, but the oil is still coming, and we are no closer to a resolution today than when that rig exploded what seemed like an eternity ago.

WTF did teaching hate become part of the public school curriculum? See a pattern? The Birmingham Chapter of the SCLC does...

"The Southern Christian Leadership Conference has noted with great concern the increased rhetoric across this nation that espouses violence and hateful rhetoric toward our national government and especially our president, the honorable Barack Obama. We were greatly disturbed that a public school teacher right here in Jefferson County would be so mean spirited that he would teach impressionable young minds a geometry lesson and used the hypothetical assassination to teach his math class. This is totally inexcusable and this person needs to be dealt with swiftly and in a decisive and meaningful manner. This borders on insanity and cannot be rationalized nor condoned. This teacher should be fired immediately."


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