Saturday, May 15, 2010

Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

According to part time Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis, Congressmen and civil rights icon John Lewis, and Congressmen Jesse L. Jackson Jr, support his efforts to *cough cough* change Alabama, and will be featured in radio ads (probably in the black community), before the June 1 primary, because Artur Davis, his campaign, and his supporters must think black voters in Alabama are stoopid.

Artur Davis wants to change Alabama all right (pun intended). He wants to change it back to the land of cotton where old times there are not forgotten. He has run one of the most divisive, republican style campaigns in Alabama history, and just about torn the Alabama Democratic Party to shreds.

One thing I will say about Davis's candidacy, it is pitting democrat vs democrat, white vs black, conservative vs liberal, white progressives vs black progressives, pro choice vs anti choice, north AL vs south AL, rural voters vs urban voters. And some call me "divisive"? Go figure.

Davis panders to the right, who are wrong about everything, to the detriment of the, as he calls them,  democratic base(women,minorities,labor,public school teachers,civil rights leaders,African American political organizations). You know, the traditional democratic base that marched, bleed and died to change Alabama. The traditional democratic base that made it possible for him to be the sitting Congressman from the 7th district (which includes the black belt) of Alabama.

According to The Birmingham News, many are saying these traditional organizations are out of step because they endorsed Ron Sparks over Artur Davis. Translation, these traditional organizations aren't falling for the Okey Doke.

Traditional black organizations aren't supporting Artur Davis just because he's black. What The Birmingham News, and those who claim these traditional organizations are out of step, don't realize is African American voters don't vote for candidates based on the color of their skin, they vote for candidates based on the content of the character. African American voters don't vote against their common interest. Ask Alan Keys and Michael Steele.

Rep. Jesse Jackson said this at the Democratic National Convention in Denver regarding President Obama and leadership (emphasis mine);

I know that while America may not be perfect, our union can always be perfected. I know what we can achieve when good people with strong convictions come together around a common purpose. And I know what a great leader can do to help us find common ground.

IMHO, Congressman Davis doesn't have strong convictions. Strike that, Congressman Davis doesn't have strong liberal/progressive convictions. He wants to win at any cost, and will do or say anything to achieve that goal, including throwing his constituents under the bus.
Alabama District 7 is 61.7% African-American. 72.2% live in urban areas (primarily Birmingham, Bessemer, Tuscaloosa, Selma and Demopolis). The district’s median per capita income was $26,672.

NO group is disproportionately uninsured than Black folks, and he voted AGAINST healthcare reform.

Uh huh.

No group is at the BOTTOM of nearly all healthcare statistics like Black folks, and he voted AGAINST healthcare reform.

Uh huh.

Davis can't help us find common ground because there is no common ground.  How are we supposed to find common ground with those who oppose everything we stand for? That would be like a chicken finding common ground with Colonel Sanders.

Artur Davis and his supporters also tout his Lily Ledbetters endorsement, and that's good. No one can argue women don't deserve equal pay for equal work, but if Lily Ledbetter had been Lily Jones, a poor black/brown female would he have jumped on the band wagon? I seriously doubt it. Just because Davis voted for, and supported, the equal pay for equal work Act doesn't mean he's a friend of women. Strike that, it doesn't mean he's a friend of poor/minority women.

What about the Lily Jones who work at minimum wage jobs and don't have access to health care?

What about the Lily Gonzales who are fired from their jobs because they develops breat cancer?

What about the Lily Washingtons, who are recent college graduates with severe asthma and can no longer be carried on their parents' health insurance, but can't find jobs when future employers find out about their pre-existing condition?

What about the Lily Smiths, who for what ever reason, chose to have a safe, legal abortion but can't afford to pay for it because they can't afford health insurance?

The Davis campaign, and his supporters, routinely bash, trash, smear and smash the American heroes like s, Dr. Joe Reed and State Senator Hank Sanders, who fought and continue to fight for the Lily's mentioned above. The only traditional civil rights leaders they like are the very few who support and endorse Davis.

Artur Davis also voted against the hate crimes bill. Every time I see the pictures of Bloody Sunday, or mark the anniversary of the 4 little black girls killed while attending Sunday school, or think about Matthew Sheppard, it makes my blood boil to know Artur Davis voted against the hate crimes bill for his own personal, political gain.

It will be will be impossible for me and my house to support Artur Davis, IF he wins the democratic primary. I don't care if Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, comes down from Mt. Zion and endorses him.

As for me and my house, we will stay our Donkey's at home on election day if Artur Davis is the democratic nominee, and let the best republican win.


yellowdog said...

I agree. There has to be a line that cannot be crossed or we are just enablers. When our Alabama Democratic Congressional delegation failed to support and voted against health care reform, they diluted and weakened the progressive opportunity and we are all paying for that now. Davis and Bright vote like Republicans, so what is the difference? Should a Democrat vote for a Republican if that is what you are in essence receiving for your vote? Like you, I'll be comfortable maintaining my values, and let the Republicans and 'Independents' determine majority will. Being a Democrat in Alabama, I'm used to that anyway.

Davis and Bright crossed a line.

Redeye said...

Therein lies the problem my friend. Bright and Davis crossed the line and there are no penalities. Prior to flip/flopping Parker Griffith crossed the line and so forth and so on.

I wish I were allowed to participate in the discussions at LiA on this topic. I noticed how the Davis enablers are twisting your comment about John Lewis's endorsement into John Lewis not meaning anything.

I also see the personal, attacks, insults and namecalling have begin on you because have the courage to state and defend your choice in the democratic primary. Good luck. You might end up on the outside looking in just like me and others who aren't Davis enablers. :)