Monday, May 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Congressmen John H. Lewis and Jesse Jackson Jr.= Good

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. = Bad

Congressmen Charlie Rangel = Bad

New Jefferson County Citizens Coalition = Bad

Jefferson County Progressives Council = Bad

State representative John Knight = Good

State Senator Hank Sanders = Bad
Lily Ledbetter = Good

Mobile Mayor Sam Jones = Good
Former Mayor Richard Arrington = Bad

Former Judge U.W. Clemons = Good

State Constitution Reform Leaders = Good

Association of Professional Firefighthers = Good
Dr. Joe Reed = Bad

Communications Workers of America Local 3902 = Good

UMWA= Very Bad

AEA = Bad
TFA = Good
African American Political Organizations = Very Bad

Fighting for Manned Space Program = Good

Fighting for Health Care Reform = BadVoting for Defense Authorization = Good
Voting Against Health Care Reform = Good

Charles Barkley = Bad

Ron Sparks running to the right = Bad
Artur Davis putting a price tag on ugly = Good

See a pattern?

Is Left in Alabama Progressive or Conservative? There is more than a whiff of conservatism IMHO.

Artur Davis claims he is a democrat because he believes in the future. O really now. It's kind of hard to have a future when you're dead because you don't have acess to quality, affordable health care. And who doesn't believe in the future? I tell you, the more Artur Davis talks the more he reminds me of George Dubya Bush and his his supporters remind me of Bushbots. They can't defend Davis' message so they attack the messanger. So, gop.

High Street asks the question if the Alabama Democratic Party Conservative or Progressive and 4 other questions. I ask if the leadership (or the lack there of) of the Alabama Democratic Party is Conservative or Progressive? IMHO the democratic party elite are more conservative than progressive. The democratic party elite suppress and down out the progressives (the traditonal democratic base). The Alabama Democratic Party has been infiltrated by Neo-Librals.

What yellowdog said, every last word;

It seems to be the position of the Alabama Democratic Party that truly Democratic liberal candidacies are unwinnable and too defining. To have some success or any success, our candidates have to appear virtually interchangeable in Party identity.

Bobby Bright is a perfect example. As he maintains one of the worst Democratic Party voting records in Congress, indistinguishable from a Republican, here in Alabama he is unopposed in the primary. He is a successful Alabama Democrat. Like most of our State Senators and State Reps. Very little liberal or Democratic legislation ever moves through our State legislative body.

In many States, the voters have to declare Party affiliation to vote in a primary. When registered Republicans and registered Democrats select their nominee, they get more ideologically core-value candidates. You get a more clearly defined Democrat and Republican choice, and the winner is who convinces the unregistered or more moderate voter in the general election.

There is an argument being put forward that the restricted Party voter primaries are creating a more radical, left/right polarization. Open primaries like in Alabama seem to create the opposite.

The Alabama Democratic Party must be calculating its best chances for success as a Party are to be vaguely different from the Republican Party, to the point where (D) or (R) is the only substantial difference in the choice.


yellowdog said...

That's what I said!

You know, I think the people at LiA have good intentions, we just have to keep them from going to hell!

Redeye said...

Well, you know what they say about the road to hell and good intentions. :)

I believe they started on the road with good intentions but that was before Artur Davis infiltrated the progressive blogosphere.

Was I was fooled by the cats like I was fooled by Parker Griffith into believing LiA was a progressive/liberal blog created to counter the right wing hype, spin and misinformation and to give a voice to the voiceless and to promote progressive/liberal candidates and causes? I know cats can be fickle, but this is ridiculous.