Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post Election Blog Stroll

Where's Artur?
Remember the photo op, I mean, rally part time Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis had with the Black Farmers on the steps of the state Capitol in Montgomery a few months back? Guess what.... Black farmers still waiting for justice.

Speaking of Artur Davis , his former top aide is now working for his opponent.

Campaign staffs can change like you change your underwear. (well at least if you change your drawers on a daily basis). Ron Sparks and Artur Davis have both been through more than their fair share of hires, fires and resignations this cycle. Par for the course in electoral campaigns
However, today's reported Sparks hiring of former Davis staffer Darryl Perkins is a major coup and surprise with just under two weeks until the June 1 primary.

Legal Schnauzer does an excellent job of pointing out the double standard and the injustice in the Alabama public school system regarding political speech. Anti Obama teacher placed on administrative leave. Democratic anti Bush teacher fired.
Are employees in Alabama public schools treated fairly based on alleged political speech? At least two cases we are familiar with, when compared to the Harrison case, indicate the answer is no.
Steve White, a science teacher at West Limestone High School near Athens, Alabama, was fired in 2006 after showing a film clip to his class in which President George W. Bush, members of his staff, and conservative personalities were referred to as "a--holes."
My email buddy gd writes;
I am strongly considering firing off an e-mail to Rahmbo this morning saying:

"How is that Progressives are 'retards' thing working out for you in Arkansas and Pennsylvania, this morning?"

gd also ask Can They Hear Us Now?

Sestak Wins in Pennsylvania,

Blanch Lincoln Defeated in Arkansas,
and the TeaParty Elects Their Republican, Rand Paul, in Kentucky.

It was sure interesting to watch all of yesterday's Primary Elections unfold. I was certain of a win for Sestak around 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon when I heard one of the MSM reporters say that the White House was saying, "Specter came to us. We didn't go to him." Doesn't take a political genius to recognize back-peddling "Damage Control" when we hear it, now does it?

Despite all the excuses about rain keeping older voters at home in PA and people not liking to be told how to vote, the Sestak victory over Specter had a lot to do with the failure of Organizing for America to turn out the vote the way they did during the Presidential Campaign. Why? Could it be that the Progressive Democrat Base, who worked so hard to elect the President and Democrats to Congress, are sending a message? I haven't heard that possibility discussed much as yet by the Corporate MSM or the White House, but it looks like Pennsylvania just elected a U. S. Senator who leans more toward the left than the right, and who did not get any kind of "endorsement" from the DLC or the White House until they were certain their "endorsed" candidate was not going to win.

Blanch Lincoln, who is a "Conservative Democrat" (Translation: Blue Dawg Democrat, DINO) lost BIG in Arkansas, so there's another message sent to the DLC that says "Best you start listening to what the Liberal/Progressive Democrats have been telling you, if want to keep control of the Senate, the House and the Presidency. It's time to stop breathing all that rarified political-insider air in DC and get back in touch with the passionate "grassroots" activists out here who actually work to win elections for the Democratic Party. You have now seen what kind of "Change" can happen when you "Don't leave the dance with those who brought you."

"This is what Democracy looks like," Mr. President and the DLC.....Now, about that "right of center" Kagan nomination.....
North Carolina Progressives coming together, republicans flee Rand Paul in Kentucky.

It's great seeing progressives and Democrats coming together after primaries in order to beat the right-wing menace. Within minutes of his defeat last night Arlen Specter graciously offered to campaign for Joe Sestak in the general election against Pat Toomey. Similarly, President Obama called Sestak to offer his congratulations and support. In Republicanland, it's a little different. In Kentucky, mainstream conservatives are shocked by Rand Paul's extremism and bizarre belief system and kooky personal style. 43% of the Republicans who supported the mainstream GOP Establishment candidate last night will not vote for Ron Paul's nutty son.
Rand Paul is a racist idiot.
Rand Paul is an idiot. He invokes the name of Martin Luther King, but tries to make the argument that the Civil Rights Act over reached when it involved itself in discrimination outside of the government. That’s just wrong and an abhorrent view.
What happened in Arkansas?
Yesterday's primary elections were marked by big anti-incumbent upsets, and one of the most interesting was the Democratic U.S. Senate contest in Arkansas, where incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln received only 45% of the vote, forcing a run-off with upstart challenger Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who got 43%.
We'll grind it out district by district, race by race. We have a great story to tell.

"If Democrats suffer large losses in November, it will not be because they tried to do too much. It will be because the administration sacrificed real progressive values on the altar of the misbegotten nonsense of bipartisanship."
Let's Roll!

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