Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update~ Affirmative Action is for white women only.

I hate to say it but, republican Senator Mitch McConnell is right (pun intended), Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagen doesn't have judicial experience therefore she is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

According to some democrats, that's not a problem. The question I have is why is it not a problem? Did President Obama hand the republicans a valid reason to oppose her nomination? I say, YES he most certainly did.

It's supposed to be the most qualified, remember? If you match Solicitor General Elana Kagens' resume side by side with 7th circuit judge Diane Woods, Woods is the most qualified. What would/could the goppers criticism of Judge Woods nomination be? That she is too black? They certainly can't say she isn't qualified.

Is it open season on black women? Are black women destined to be undervalued and marginalized? Are black women destined to be stereotyped as angry,  promiscuous, baby making, welfare queens, nanny's, cooks and hand maids?
Black women also get oddly, back-handedly criticized for being too functional — for being the majority of black college graduates and growing old alone. In reality, black women with college degrees are more likely to have married by age 40 than those with high school degrees (70 to 60 percent).
Black women also get criticized for being uppity and told to "stay in her place", which I believe is why my front page privileges were revoked,  and,  I was eventually banned from my former sandbox. Prior to my banning I was repeatedly warned to "tone down my rhetoric" and to stop "injecting race into the conversation" and finally to "get your own blog". All of a sudden the "content of my comments and posts" were just intolerable, "end of story". As the lone African American, and the lone female with front page privileges, I felt I was being a voice for the voiceless, bringing diversity and a point of view that is often suppressed to the discussion. In the end I was treated like a subordinate and not an equal.  But I digress.

I find it troubling President Obama cites the trials and tribulations of the late civil rights activist Dr. Dorothy I. Height when she was refused admittance to Barnard College because they already had their quota of African American women, then over looks highly qualified Judge Diane Woods in favor of the less qualified Solicitor General Elana Kagen.

Look at the late singer, actress and activist, Lena Horne, who was blacklisted and unable to get work in Hollywood because of her far left political activism. Lena Horne reportedly descended from the John C. Calhoun family. We don't even have to ask how that happened do we?
because the slaves were the legal property of their owners, it was not unusual for enslaved black women to be raped by their owners, members of their owner's families, or their owner's friends. Children who resulted from such rapes were slaves as well because they took the status of their mothers
The first piece of real legislation Barack Obama signed as the 44th President of the United States helps ensure that workers discriminated on the basis of gender have a fair chance to sue their employers.
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is named after a woman who was paid less than her male co-workers at an Alabama tire factory. Ledbetter did not set out to be an activist; she did not even involve herself in politics much. But after the Supreme Court ruled against her, she decided it was time to start. raises some serious questions about Elana Kagens hiring practices as Dean of the Harvard Law School
The first woman Dean of Harvard Law School had presided over an unprecedented expansion of the faculty -- growing it by almost a half. She had hired 32 tenured and tenure-track academic faculty members (non-clinical, non-practice). But when we sat down to review the actual record, we were frankly shocked. Not only were there shockingly few people of color, there were very few women. Where were the people of color? Where were the women? Of these 32 tenured and tenure-track academic hires, only one was a minority. Of these 32, only seven were women. All this in the 21st Century.
President Obama says Elana Kagen is a "trail blazing leader"
"She's a trailblazing leader," Obama said. "The first woman to serve as dean of Harvard Law School and one of its most successful and beloved deans in its history. And she is a superb solicitor general, our nation's chief lawyer, representing the American people's interests before the Supreme Court. The first woman in that position as well."
President Obama stood up for Elana Kagen and Lilly Ledbetter Lilly Ledbetter. He should also stand up for Judge Diane Woods and African American women everywhere.

Ain't we a woman? We voted for you too. Don't we have the right to have our voices heard? I thought since democrats won two elections things were going CHANGE? I thought we'd had ENOUGH? I thought we weren't the red states or the blue states, but the United States of America, with liberty and justice for all, not some.

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