Friday, May 28, 2010

Redeye's Week In Review

Yo GoBlue! If you are reading this you owe me some Obama wine glasses. Remember, our friendly wager before I was booted from the Left in Alabama sandbox regarding young, conservative, phone tapper James O'Keefe? Well, A Felony Will Get You Probation If You're a Conservative in America.
Although, this is nothing new in America if your not brown or black skinned people. O'Keefe won't get the felony label that is issued out like free tickets to the circus. We all know that had he been black or brown he would have been singing that tune they sing when baseball player hits a baseball out of the park-bye,bye baby! And some white folks wonder why black and brown people get all puff out of shape and complain about the sentencing system in the courts of America. Puleeeeeze!
You want to deliver those glasses or should I pick them up? :)

BTW, the Alabama Teacher who used the assassination of President Obama as a teaching tool got a slap on the wrist too.
I think that the Superintendent Phil Hammonds felt obligated simply because of the national attention and the fact he was named MSNBC's worst person in the world.
Ya think?

Speaking of Left in Alabama I see where they made their endorsements for the June 1st, democratic primary. Now I know why Bengoshi and I were booted from the front page, we were just too darn liberal for Left in Alabama. I bout fell off my bar stool laughing at this one;;
Generally, we are going with the outsiders this year. The corrupt, good old boy culture in Montgomery has done no favors for Alabama or the Democratic Party. It's time to bring in some fresh troops and generals because we aren't going to solve our problems by continually electing political retreads.
Translation, we want to replace the good guys with the bad guys. You know the good guys who believe in women's rights, equal rights, civil rights, human rights, health care reform, labor, and public education.

I spewed coffee all over my keyboard at this one;
Of course, this is Alabama, so there will be Constitutional Amendments on the ballot next Tuesday. Knowing nothing about them as yet, we hope and pray someone (Old Prosecutor?) will take pity and tell us what they mean and how a progressive Alabamian might want to vote on them.
Let me see if I've got this right (pun intended), they want resident righty Old Prosecutor to tell them how a progressive Alabamian might want to vote on them? ROFLMAO! I guess it depends on what the definition of a progressive Alabamian IS. *Snark*. But in any event, now we know progressive at Left in Alabama means the following;
If you don't like the content, write your own. We're a progressive blog that deals mainly with state issues - particularly during a state primary season.

As far as progressive issues go, most of us here support Constitution reform, ethics reform, tax fairness, and a better educational system.
Sound familiar?

The Progressive Electorate released their endorsements for the democratic primary also. Not surprising, with the exception of Jeremy Sherer and no endorsement in the governors race they are the complete opposite of slightly Left in Alabama.
Alabama Governor - This is a tough call. Artur Davis has brought a lot of attention to the 7th Congressional District. However, as progressives we are extremely disappointed in some of his recent votes that have shown his capitulation to the right. I.E. Health Care Reform, Hate Crimes. Ron Sparks is the alternative in this race and we genuinely like some of his ideas such as an Education Lottery. Sparks has been an outstanding Ag Commissioner and been great in that position. However, we are also disappointed in his stance on constitutional reform. The constitution in its current form continues to hinder our State from reaching its potential. Therefore we issue a no-endorsement in this race.

Now this is what I call a progressive slate and a well reasoned endorsement. I don't agree with everyone endorsed (I endorse Mitchell Howie and Ron Sparks), but at least the slate of candidates are liberals and will work for the people, not on the people.

Ministry of Truths' diary is a must read.
I was surprised to learn that an African American woman has NEVER been elected to a full term to represent the state of Alabama in the House of Representatives.
My goal today is to help change that.

When last I wrote about one of my heroes, Rosa Parks, it was to illustrate how the right would roll back the Civil Rights act to allow discrimination in the name of economic freedom.

145 years after the Civil War, much has changed, but more should change, until we truly achieve the Change We Can Believe In!.

In 2010, it is finally time to elect an African American woman to a full term in Congress to serve the State of Alabama in the House of Representatives!
I can't make up my mind in this race between Sheila Smoot and Earl Hillard Jr, because they both are better than the current Congress Critter from the 7th district, so may the best liberal win!

The United States House of Representatives approved the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell this week! Yippie! Not surprising, Alabama's two DINO's (Bright and Davis) didn't bother to vote and the republicans voted NO. Bummer.

So, did the Top Kill Work? We don't know what we don't know, we don't know. Of course the vultures are circling trying to turn this into President Obama's Katrina. No more Mister Nice Blog has some suggested alternative responses for President Obama. The Rude Pundit wants to know why is BP still in charge of the Gulf and so do I. Meanwhile the oil is still spilling. We need real solutions, not Crazy Uncle Solutions
President Obama expected, however wrongly and however stupidly, that the American media -- even though overloaded with voluble crazy uncles -- would, for a change, react to this crisis with proper disgust, but also maturity and Reason.
Maturity and reason? What's that?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your week in review wrap ups. I posted it on our facebook group.

I was very disappointed in the Sewell endorsement in AL-07. I expected it based on their comments in the diaries. You can't go wrong with Smoot or Hilliard though. I prefer Shelia because I know she's a fighter and will bring projects back to the district.

Martin W

Redeye said...

Thank you!

I agree AL-07 can't go wrong with Smoot or Hilliard. May the best liberal win!

Anonymous said...

LMAO, I've noticed that nobody cares, Redeye AKA CRYBABY! If you are supporting Ron Sparks that lets me know you are another step-n-fetch negro that wants to go along to get along with crabs-in-the-barrel negros like Joe Reed and Hank Saunders. FYI, Sparks was against everything including health care reform until Davis suddenly made his stance. Oh yeah, did you forget about his multiple times he has been sued for racial discrimination against 3 black employees in the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry over the past 8 years (


It's laughable how you think and how some blacks like you follows the establishment's pack mentality. You Negroes are the main reason why most of us younger educated blacks with common sense escape this state like a blood hemorrhage to places like Atlanta and DC. We ain't somebody's loyal ol' dog like you are, and you are PATHETIC...

Why don't you go to the Emerald City and ask the Wiz to give a brain and independent, critical thought for once, splaboo!

Redeye said...

Anonymouse kayman/takenoprisoners please take your ghettofied personal attacks and insults back over to Left in Alabama. They are not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Girl stop! I don't know who the fuck you are talking about, and don't care honestly. I'm just posting THE TRUTH! I've read your blog from the beginning and you made it known why you were rejected from whatever site you talking about because you are an obnoxious, homophobe-enabling negro. Hell, you would support a racist honky b4 you support your own. Wallow in your pathetic squalor on this lonely blog because NOBODY CARES, you lost house negro...

Oh yeah, SPELL CHECK is your friend, so USE IT!

Redeye said...

Anonymouse/kayman/takenoprisoners, thanks for reading my blog from the beginning. I hope you continue to read, hopefully you will learn something. Your opinion is welcome here but profanity, personal attacks, namecalling and slurs are not. Attack the message, not the messenger.

Oh yeah, personal attacks, profanity, name calling and insults are not your friend. It weakens your argument and makes you look like a small, ignorant, immature, mean sprited, bitter human being, and it weakens the creditability of your argument to the point I pity you.

This will be my last response to you regarding the tone and tenor of your remarks. Toxic rhetoric is not welcome here. Please excuse any typos, spelling or grammatical errors but I hope you get my drift.

Peace be with you and yours.