Friday, May 21, 2010

Redeye's Week In Review Part 1

The week started off with a bang and ended with a big bang thanks to Rand Paul, the Tea Party endorsed winner of the republican Senatorial primary.

"I want my country back"
Back to when? 1963? or 1910? or 1810?

When Rosa Parks was thrown off of a bus for refusing to sit in the back in accordance with discriminatory Jim Crow laws it helped begin the Civil Rights movement.

Yep, Rand Paul pulled the sheet off the rotten, racist, underbelly of the gop infused Tea Party *cough, cough* movement. Actually Rand Paul wasn't the first republican to tell us how the gop/republicans/conservatives really feel about Civil Rights. Remember former United States Senator Trent Lott (r. Mississippi)?
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott issued a written apology Monday evening over his comment that the United States would have avoided "all these problems" if then-segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected president in 1948.

What pgbodwen said;
Paul is only stating what a whole lot of people (mainly conservatives) privately think--a man's business or private property is his castle. However, as is the case with most neo-liberarian philosophy, it is not well thought out.

Paul's simple position seems to be that a racist business owner has the right to exclude other races from his abode, because by doing so the 21st century market-place of inclusion would surely cause the business to be shunned into bankruptcy by the rest of society and thus force the owner to change his ways. That's all well and good, but what about the effect on the poor individual unable to access the business in question and the resulting corrosive effects on society at large? Is this not a huge societal price to pay for a business owner's freedom to be racist?

As for Paul's "freedom" purity, that apparently does not extend to a woman's uterus, as he declared just this week he would do everything in his legislative power to stop abortion. So to recap: Federal regulation on private business, not good. Federal regulation on a woman's private body, good.

That's the type of hypocrisy I've come to expect from these people.

Like Trent Lott, Rand Paul (enabled by the MSM) is trying to un-ring the bell.

Over the course of 24 hours, Paul went from opposing the Civil Rights Act to opposing repeal of the Civil Rights Act to considering the Civil Rights Act settled law to actually supporting the legislation he said he would have opposed.

The MSM is trying desperately to rehabilitate Rand Paul and the Tea Party "movement".

The media does a terrible job when it comes to explaining the positions our politicians take. And they are even worse when someone like Poppa Paul takes the podium because they either don't spend the time researching a fringe type figure, are afraid to expose their views publicly, or feel it's not worth the effort to do so.

Which may explain why Rand Paul's views on civil rights are such a surprise to some people.
When Reagan made his own run for the presidency in 1976, he positioned himself as Goldwater's heir, picking up his first primary win in North Carolina on a platform stoking resentment of government intrusion in the South. In 1980, the Californian consciously launched his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi -- just miles from where three civil rights activists were killed in the 1960s.

Like Rand, Reagan insisted his views were anti-government and not pro-discrimination -- ignoring, of course, that in practical terms, opposing federal civil rights standards would ensure that discrimination persisted.

Like Granny Standing For Truth and Justice said, The Apple Don't Fall too far from the Tree"
I've been warning people about Ron Paul for a while now. Now, it looks like not only should people be keeping a eye on Ron but they should keep an eye on his son Rand too because the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. We already know Ron Paul's views on black people. I'm sure he taught his son everything he knows, including his hatred for black people.

If only we had TeeVee Talking Heads like Jay Smooth to interview the Weasels.

I would like to thank Rand Paul for pulling the sheets off the faces of the Tea Party movement.
Thanks in large part to the recent rhetoric of GOP Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul, the Tea Partiers have begun to reveal their real agenda. They are not centrist, independent-minded people concerned for our nation and its political process. That notion is simply an invention of the Fox News network and the dedicated spokespeople following their talking points; namely Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh. Instead the Tea Partiers are an unabashedly fringe far-right movement. What's most evident now is that they are achieving some political success in the 2010 midterm election primaries because an underlying aspect of their appeal is sadly, often race-baiting.

Stay tuned for Redeye's Week in Review Sweet Home Alabama version.

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