Friday, May 14, 2010

Redeye's Week In Review

The week begin with President Obama nominating U.S. Solicitor General Elana Kagen to the United States Supreme Court, one day after he delivered the commencement address at Hampton University where he praised the late Dr. Dorothy I. Height, founder and President of the Council for Negro Women standing up for her many years of activism and her commitment to social justice.

And as you probably know, Dr. Height passed away the other week at the age of 98. One of the speakers at this memorial was her nephew who was 88. And I said that's a sign of a full life when your nephew is 88. Dr. Height had been on the firing line for every fight from lynching to desegregation to the battle for health care reform. She was with Eleanor Roosevelt and she was with Michelle Obama. She lived a singular life; one of the giants upon whose shoulders I stand. But she started out just like you, understanding that to make something of herself, she needed a college degree. So, she applied to Barnard College -- and she got in. Except, when she showed up, they discovered she wasn't white as they had believed. And they had already given their two slots for African Americans to other individuals. Those slots, two, had already been filled. But Dr. Height was not discouraged. She was not deterred. She stood up, straight-backed, and with Barnard's acceptance letter in hand, she marched down to New York University, and said, "Let me in." And she was admitted right away.

I want all of you to think about this, Class of 2010, because you've gone through some hardships, undoubtedly, in arriving to where you are today. There have been some hard days, and hard exams, and you felt put upon. And undoubtedly you will face other challenges in the future.

But I want you to think about Ms. Dorothy Height, a black woman, in 1929, refusing to be denied her dream of a college education. Refusing to be denied her rights. Refusing to be denied her dignity. Refusing to be denied her place in America, her piece of America's promise. Refusing to let any barriers of injustice or ignorance or inequality or unfairness stand in her way. (Applause.) That refusal to accept a lesser fate; that insistence on a better life, that, ultimately, is the secret not only of African American survival and success, it has been the secret of America's survival and success. (Applause.)

The MSM media we have is spinning the Elana Kagen nomination like a top. They can't decide if they want to focus on the gop (valid) argument that she is not qualified, or that she kept military recruiters off Harvard's' campus. Of course they are ignoring and suppressing progressive dissent to the nomination because they can.

He/She who can control the information controls the outcome~anoymous

Jena Louisiana is in the news (well sorta) again. Evidently the Sheriff is seeking revenge for the Civil Rights Protest over the Jena 6. Lord help us.

Many of Jena's Black residents say that the town's white power structure - including the DA, Sheriff, and the editor of the local paper - wants revenge against Black people in town who stood up and fought against unjust charges. They complain that in a town that is mostly white, all but two of the people arrested were Black, and the only arrestees pictured in the town's paper were Black. The sheriff "Just wants to humiliate people," says Caseptla Bailey, Wallace's mother, "Especially the African Americans." The editor and publisher of the Jena Times, the town's only paper, is Sammy Franklin, who has owned the paper since 1968. His son is Sheriff Scott Franklin.

Meanwhile our sons and daughters are still fighting for our freedom in Iraq.

The White House is likely to delay the withdrawal of the first large phase of combat troops from Iraq for at least a month after escalating bloodshed and political instability in the country.

It was an exciting and eventful week on the state gubernatorial campaign scene. Democratic candidates State Agricultural Commissioner Ron Sparks and Congressman Artur Davis met up at a forum sponsored by the Rocket City Democrats. I wasn't able to attend, but according to my sources it was a Thrilla!

Candidate Artur Davis came out whining, I mean swinging about an email from a Ron Sparks supporter Davis claims was racist (can you say race card?). Davis demanded Ron Sparks denounce and distance himself from the supporter and the email. WTF? Davis must think Ron Sparks can censor, I mean control his supporters and dictate what they say and how they say it. Psst Artur, there's this little thingy we have here called the first amendment, remember? Get over the email and get to the issues, OK?

Both candidates made the TeeVee stations and networks richer this week with slick ads. Nothing new, same old stuff. Vote for me and I'll set you free, blah, blah, blah, blab, blab, blab.

And what's a week in the Alabama democratic primary gubernatorial race without some good old fashioned race baiting?

In the 5th district congressional race we now know Steve Raby is a "conservative, lots of gun owning, democrat." Just what we need in the 5th district. *snark*.

Psst Steve, that gun owning democrat might not be the way to go considering the recent wake of gun violence right here in the Tennessee Valley. Dr. Amy Bishop was a gun owner too. And remember Todd Brown, the middle school student who was gunned down at school? We need access to health care because of the gun owners.

Evidently Steve Raby is buying into the right wing ideology that you must be a conservative to win in the 5th district and pandering to them at the expense of progressives/liberals. Considering Parker Griffith (r. turncoat) was a progressive/liberal/democrat before he was a conservative/right wing/republican, that dog won't hunt.

What's with these democratic candidates who believe they have to pander to the right, who are WRONG about everything in order to be elected? For one thing it's NOT TRUE and secondly it tells me a lot about their character or lack there of. I'm sick and tired of this say/do anything to be elected attitude. I'm sick and tired of democrats, or supposed to be democrats running away from the traditional, loyal, democratic base. I'm tired of voting for the lessor of two evils.


BTW, how come the media isn't race baiting in the 5th district republican congressional primary?
Never mind, we know why.

Gate keepers and door openers. I would like to reply to JustHelene's comment over at LiA concerning Dr. Joe Reed, President of the Alabama Democratic Conference and Vice President of the Alabama Teachers Association. Unfortunately I've been banned from LiA so I hope JustHelene reads this.

I'm fed up with 'gatekeepers,' and other party establishment types.

Let's identify the non- or less-coopted and support them; or, let those already in thrall know that the people support those who place public interest first.

According to some Dr. Joe Reed is a Gate Keeper, i.e. he tells black democratic voters what to do and when to do it and they follow him like rats following the Pied Piper. Dr. Reed is accused of keeping Artur Davis out of the gate because he won't "kow tow" to him blah, blah, blah.

Dr. Reed is powerful and influential in the black community because he is a door opener and he fights for the rights of all people, especially the little people. As a matter of fact Dr. Reed opened the gate for Artur Davis to be the sitting Congressman from the 7th district of Alabama. Joe Reed places the public interest first which is why he wants health care reform. That's why he is respected in the African American community. That's why some want to replace him with Artur Davis.

Thanks to the BP Oil slick Alabama The Beautiful has turned into Alabama the land of the Tarballs and the smell of oil. "Black gold, Texas Tea" We can thank Bush and Dick for the new slogan.

Peace Out.

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