Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What If Wednesday

Black Agenda Report Managing Editor Bruce Dixon ask What if BP were a human being instead of a corporation?

What if BP, the principal corporate entity responsible for the monstrous oil well rupture a mile beneath Gulf of Mexico were a human being, a flesh and blood person instead of a faceless transnational corporation? It's a fair and simple question, and the answers tell us a lot more about the world we live in.

What if they really do hate us for our freedoms? It used to aggravate me to no end to hear Bush/Dick and the Talking TeeVee Pundit heads say the "Terrist hate us for our freedoms" claiming it was why we were attacked on 911. First, we need to figure out who they are.But what if they were right (pun intended) and they really do hate us for our freedom only "they" are not the terrist but our government, because lately those freedoms we love and cherish and who are sons and daughters are "fighting for" in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming under attack.

Do they hate us for our right to vote and have our votes counted?
Do they hate us for our Miranda Rights?
Do they hate us for our right to Habeas Corpus?
Do they hate us because we are a nation of immigrants?
Do they hate for our freedom of speech?

What if President Obama had nominated the most qualified man/woman to the fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court? Hate to say it but the Repubs are right (pun intended) about Elana Kagen not being qualified for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. But hey, even a broken clock/watch is right twice a day. Lilian Sergura tells us Six things we may not know about Elana Kagen.

The nomination of Elana Kagen to the Supreme Court has produced many more questions than answers, but that has not stopped the avalanche of news stories, which could take days to sift through. Nevertheless, it seems pretty clear from what we know so far that this is not good news for anyone who hoped that the president might choose a nominee that would continue in the liberal tradition of the justice she's replacing, John Paul Stevens.
Which is why progressives must fight the nomination of Elana Kagen;

For more than 15 months, evidence has mounted that President Obama routinely combines progressive rhetoric with contrary actions. As one bad decision after another has emanated from the Oval Office, some progressives have favored denial -- even though, if the name "Bush" or "McCain" had been attached to the same presidential policies, the same progressives would have been screaming bloody murder.
What if we were investing in America's future instead of all war all the time?

Congress is being asked to vote on another appropriations bill for billions more dollars to fund military operations in Afghanistan despite reservations among many members about the corrupt regime of Afghan leader, Hamid Karzai. Operations that many in the Pentagon are beginning to question from both an tactical and strategic standpoint:
What if 9 Alabama State University students hadn't been expelled under pressure from then Governor John Patterson for protesting off campus? Note to Alabama gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis, these are the "old school" civil rights pioneers who were in the trenches when you were just a twinkle in your mother's eye. These are the "old school" warriors who helped Dr. Joe Reed with the help of African American political organizations pave the way for you to be the sitting Congressman from the 7th district of Alabama. These are the "old school" people you disrespect and threw under the bus to pander to the white, I mean right. Shame on you.

What if I hadn't been banned from Left in Alabama and they really did connect progressive voices for a new direction in Alabama politics instead of disconnecting progressive voices in favor or neo-liberal voices? :)

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