Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Acts of Fear and Loathing in America Vol.2

Herman Cain's Wily Racial Politics
RightWatch: The Republican candidate validates what white conservatives believe about blacks.

THIS is what white conservatives believe about blacks. Watch. Listen and Learn.

You got THAT Scott Beason (r. racist, Gardendale)? Evidently NOT.
And in the South, some Cain supporters say that supporting an African-American could turn long-held racial perceptions around. No Deep South states supported Barack Obama in 2008 and elected representatives in the state have become more racially polarized in recent years.Scott Beason, a Republican Alabama state senator, said a Cain win, especially in the Deep South, would be a visible sign of progress."It would change the stereotypes that still exist about how people make their decisions down here," Beason said. "I think it's ironic that he will do better here than in the so-called enlightened states up north.""What folks are doing is listening to what is he saying and he is not afraid to say what he thinks."
It's the Media. They think we are stoopid.
If you black people don't know by now, the media is your worst enemy. The media from the time of the old printing presses have been showcasing your worst traits to the United state and the world, which was justified and even sanctioned by the Pope and the church which relegated you to the status of animals. Kinda forgot about that didn't you? And how was this belief spread? Well, as they say: the media was the message.
TeeVee and the MSM is no friend of black people. It was through the media well up to the late sixties that contributed to the vilification of black people. You should know this. It's part of your history. It's a history white people want you to forget. It's a history white people don't want to discuss. White people don't want to have a dialog about race. If they did, don't you think we would have had one by now, especially here in "post racial" Amerikkka? No, sorry. The majority of white people just want you to go away. They wish to wake up one morning, turn to the news and discover, by some miracle that all the black people in the country have vanished. Then they can lead the harmonious lives that God meant for them to live. 
Shhh! It's a Secret.
The Secret Course on Whiteness (1676?- ) is the imagined course where many White Americans learn to talk and act amazingly alike in ways that cannot be accounted for by the public, mainstream culture.
I call it a course because so many of them will say the same thing, word for word, like they are talking from a script that they learned somewhere.I call it secret because it is not part of the public culture. Somehow it gets passed down through the white vernacular culture.
Hustlers & Grifters& Family Oh My!

Well... now, Perry has folks wondering about his own family tree. I mean it does sort of raised eyebrows a little bit, especially with a family ranch called "Niggerhead" and him not to long ago threatening to secede from the union when President Obama (a black man) was elected.
Anyway, the secessionist governor should have left stirring the pot to the women folks because looks like he keeps making a big mess in the kitchen. Which leads up to why people have a question for Perry regarding his family tree. (pssst...Gun toting, secessionist governor ought to withdraw now because things is fixing to get ugly).
Racist,Racism pays. Big Time.
SACRAMENTO-Medro Johnson, African American employee of Sears Home Improvement Products in Natomas, California was awarded $52 million over racial harassment.
A co-worked of Johnson’s had said he was Johnson’s “masta” at a company picnic
Man Killed Crackhead Teen So She Wouldn’t Sleep With Black Men. For real?

Glenn Beck is stupid.
Poor Glenn Beck. He's been thoroughly confused, and made to feel "afraid" and "bad" by the use of the term "African American." By the sounds of a recent rant on his radio show, he really can't take it anymore.

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