Saturday, October 16, 2010

If democrats lose blame it on black voters

The script is already written; Democrats lost the majority in congress. Blame it on them there trifling black voters. I can already hear the post election, armchair quarterbacks and Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads blaming black folks because the gop infused, media enabled, Tea Party is in control of the government again. They are counting on black folks not showing up at the polls because "Obama is not on the ticket" and everyone knows they only showed up to vote for the black guy. *Snark*

Democrats know black voters hold the fate of the democratic majority in their hands and turnout is the key. Republicans also know their fate is in the hands of black folks, that's why they are already planning stuff like THIS. But I digress.

Democrats' hope could depend on black voter turnout
ATLANTA --- How Georgia Democrats fare in next month's election could depend on whether black voters show up at the polls.

Observers say turnout will be especially key among African-Americans, who turned out in record numbers two years ago across the country to elect President Obama. Obama's absence on the ballot, combined with an overall lack of interest in the midterm vote, will likely mean waning black support this year for Democratic candidates.
Democrats courting black voters in midterm elections
While President Obama's approval rating among African-Americans remains high, Democrats have voiced concerns that his popularity may not translate into votes come November's midterm elections.

The party has an added worry in that, historically, midterm elections generate smaller voter turnout than in presidential election years. The level of African-American votes Obama won in 2008, which was abnormally high, may be all but impossible to recreate during this less popular election season.
Bright's fate may depend on black voter turnout (Ain't this a dip?)
WASHINGTON -- The fate of Democrats in 20 competitive House races, including Rep. Bobby Bright, could rest on how many black voters show up at the polls on Election Day, a new report says.
Bobby not so Bright republican is the perfect example of candidates who run on the democratic ticket to take advantage of black voters and after they win govern like republicans. Bright voted with the republicans on 13 out of 15 major issues. Black democratic voters didn't vote for that. Democratic women didn't vote for that. Democratic labor voters didn't vote for that. If they had wanted that they would have voted for the republican candidate. Oh wait. They did. He's already saying he won't vote support Nancy Pelosi as SOH . Black democratic voters are damned if they do, damned if they don't vote for Bobby not so Bright republican. @#$%! And they wonder why black folks aren't excited about voting?

I blame the democratic leadership, specifically the DCCC, for the Bright fiasco. Their first mistake was letting Bobby Bright decide if he was going to run as a republican or a democrat. Psst! If a candidate has to decide which party he's a member of that should be your first clue. This is your second clue they are NOT a democrat;
A Southern Baptist deacon, Bright opposes abortion. He favors gun rights and once, angered by a crime wave, urged Montgomery citizens to buy firearms, learn how to use them, and do so when necessary. He champions the military in a region that is home to big installations. He frowns on taxes.
Their second mistake was not supporting the real, progressive democrat Cheryl Sable for US Congress.
I believe that Alabama is ready for positive change. I am the only candidate in this race who is promising something different. I have spent the better part of my life standing for equality and social justice. I fought for human rights in Alabama , and I will fight for justice in Washington. I have the background and qualifications to do a good job.
Hate to say it, but the democratic party takes black voters for granted. They need the black vote to get elected and to stay elected, but if they could figure out a way to accomplish either task without the black vote they would. What are black voters to do and where are black voters to go?

Can Democrats get the votes they need simply because they're not Republicans? You might think so in this presidential campaign. African-American and urban votes are critical to any Democratic victory. Bill Clinton won two terms without winning the most white votes. His margin was the overwhelming support of black voters. George Bush learned that lesson; that's why his campaigns spent so much effort suppressing the black vote in key states like Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. His victory margin was the tally of votes suppressed or uncounted.
Republicans are looking at another bloodbath in House and Senate elections next year -- the Presidential race is their great hope to hang onto some power and they will throw everything but the kitchen sink at it. Look at their committee fundraising if you don't believe me on that. Democrats can't afford to turn off African American voters -- or any other big chunk of our coalition -- if we want to win next November.
African American voters are the most loyal democratic voting block. The right to vote for African Americans is steeped in blood, sweat, tears, and pain. African Americans don't vote for candidates based on race, gender or sexual orientation. African American voters for candidates who share their INTERESTS.

Time and time again white democratic voters prove they will vote based on race/sex and against their INTEREST. For example,more Alabama white democrats voted for McCain/Palin than Obama/Biden in the 2008 Presidential election. More white democrats voted for Artur Davis than Ron Sparks in the Alabama democratic gubernatorial primary. Some would say it's because Davis didn't evoke a negative fear among whites. Based on the theory "the politicians that evoke negative fear among whites are those who have done the most for black representation in this state...especially Joe Reed. Hank Sanders and Richard Arrington have worked to increase political opportunity for blacks, but not at the expense of whites. Are you only liked by white voters if you water down the truth and ignore political reality?"

If democrats want to get African Americans out to vote they should start by working on their friends, neighbors, and co-workers now! Tell them to quit voting against their own interests. Black democrats will do our part, as we always do, so don't expect us to "take one for the team". In other words, give us something to vote for or we'll stay our Ebony Donkey's at home. The right NOT to vote for candidates who don't share our INTEREST is sacred to us too.

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