Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If only they would use their powers for good :)

Sorry but I can't let this lie stand.

PAC to PAC transfers. Former Alabama Congressman Glen Browder says they "encourage, facilitate, and enhance corruption" in Alabama and that a particular problem is unrestricted PAC to PAC transfers. They allow contributors/interest groups to pour huge sums of money into the political process and hide its origin.

This is said BEFORE the author successfully follows the money and describes the transfer process of how much to whom, when, and how often by taking a stroll through their FCPA (Fair Campaign Practices Act) reports show that, well, there's a whole lot of check writing going on.

It sounds good for effect but there is no such thing as "legal money laundering". Money laundering is the practice of engaging in financial transactions to conceal the identity, source, and/or destination of illegally gained money. It is common to refer to money legally obtained as "clean", and money illegally obtained as "dirty".

So unless there is evidence of illegally obtained PAC to PAC money being used in the process it's factually correct to say it's "legal money laundering",it's like saying someone is a little bit pregnant, or someone kind of robbed a bank.

PAC to PAC transfers are legal and evidently the money trail can be followed for those with the time and the inclination, so this statement is not factually correct either;
Our candidates could be getting money from North Korea and most of us would be none the wiser.

I wonder why right leaning Left in Alabama chose to follow the Alabama Education Association (AEA) money trail and not a republican PAC? I really don't understand the blatant hostility displayed by a progressive blog toward a progressive organization that represents the interest of public school teachers, administrators and support personnel. A majority of the members of Alabama Education Association are loyal democrats. They fight for the rights of the least and the left out. They fight for women to have the right to choose to obtain a safe, legal abortion. They fight for the right of all Alabamians to have access to quality affordable health care. They fight for the right of all Alabama students to have equal access to a quality public education. They fight for the rights or workers to organize. They fight for our LBGT sisters and brothers to have equal rights. They fight for civil rights. They fight for comprehensive immigration reform They aren't laundering illegally gained money, nor are they using PAC's to enrich themselves or maintain the status quo.

They use their powers for good.


yellowdog said...

I understand and appreciate your frustration with attacks on our Democratic institutions in Alabama.

All my life, Republicans have sought victory by any means possible, and Democrats always show up to the gunfight with nothin' in their hands. I thoroughly enjoyed the AEA-sponsored defeat of Byrne in the primary run-off, and how it is starting to look like they set up "Doctor" Bentley in the process.

Why do we have to look back and remember Supreme Court justices picking our President or the most Republican county in Alabama picking our governor with irregular vote counts? Why are the Democrats always on the wrong side of these stories?

As a Democrat, all I want is a level playing field - we know Republicans can't stand fair elections, so no matter what they can do legally, we just have to be diligent - they will break the law sooner or later.

And that is another difference between Democrats and Republicans!

Redeye said...

republicans have perfected the strategy of divide and conquer. They know they can count on democrats to enable them to bash and smear their fellow democrats and to pile on if neccessary. United we stand divided we fall. I'm tired of falling.

dannial bright said...

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