Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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I had to include this must read in today's edition,Obama's unkept promise to Alabama's blacks.
H/T to my pure Anglo-Saxon, save for distant branches of Scots and German friend Publius IX.
The election of Barack Obama was guaranteed to have far reaching, and long lasting implications for Alabama politics. The first election of an African-American President could not be anything other than a paradigm-shifting event. On the one hand, Obama’s presence on the ballot seems to have brought out the worst in white Alabama.

It's the vicious, never ending cycle of POVERTY, and the stereotypical myths stoopid!
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then an assistant labor secretary in the Johnson administration, introduced the idea of a “culture of poverty” to the public in a startling 1965 report. Although Moynihan didn’t coin the phrase (that distinction belongs to the anthropologist Oscar Lewis), his description of the urban black family as caught in an inescapable “tangle of pathology” of unmarried mothers and welfare dependency was seen as attributing self-perpetuating moral deficiencies to black people, as if blaming them for their own misfortune.

Moynihan’s analysis never lost its appeal to conservative thinkers, whose arguments ultimately succeeded when President Bill Clinton signed a bill in 1996 “ending welfare as we know it.” But in the overwhelmingly liberal ranks of academic sociology and anthropology the word “culture” became a live grenade, and the idea that attitudes and behavior patterns kept people poor was shunned.

Democrats who try to break the cycle of poverty either get investigated, prosecuted and convicted for being "corrupt" or they are ignored and ridiculed by the party Elite.

None dare call it racism.

This is an ongoing problem with falling in bed with right wing radical groups: their support and energy is helpful to you, and their fundraising can be strong, but then you are placed in the uncomfortable position of being completely incapable of responding properly to overt racism.

Repeat after me, this is the gop plan for balancing the budget
End education, take away seniors income and give it to CEOs,take food and shelter away from the poor; give the power back to the CEOs instead of doctors to decide who should live and who should die, more deregulation, and outsourcing of jobs. And the rich live happily ever after.

No justice, you know the rest....
The Justice Department is going to defend John Ashcroft and argue that NO ONE has the right to sue ANY Attorney General EVER?

It's the stoopid media!
The paradox that exists in the media is the never ending relativism that does not allow for crucial facts to be agreed upon, thus no REAL policy can be agreed to. The media recognizes two main perspectives (right and left) puts the "talking heads" into either category, and never gives proper authority to one side based on their arguments or knowledge. Rather the media just makes it a "perspective", in which everyone has a perspective, and both left and right have a justified opinion on an issue, no matter how factually wrong they are. Every issue is interpreted as someones opinion, and all opinions are justified.

But were does this paradox lead us? To where this country is now. With little to no legislation being passed, no real change, and no hope that there will be any progress because no one can recognize what the facts are. If we want to change the political system, we need to agree on facts.

About those secret donations....
Donors to nonprofit groups that are spending millions on political ads this election have escaped public scrutiny because their donations don't have to be disclosed. But can they escape a hefty tax bite?

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

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