Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Redeye's Under the Radar Report

You won't hear about this on TeeVee;

Imagine the look of contempt on Karl Rove’s face this past Sunday as he swaggered toward his star turn on CBS’s Face the Nation only to be served with our subpoena sanctioned by the Secretary of the State of Ohio.

The federal subpoena orders Rove to testify in deposition. Our attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, intends to ask Mr. Rove about his role in the theft of the 2004 election, and to discuss his orchestration of tens of millions of corporate/billionaire dollars in the one coming up on November 2, 2010.

The Talking TeeVee Pundit heads are talking about Alex Sinks text message, the Rhode Island democratic gubernatorial nominee telling President Obama to shove it, and Rand Paul's *cough cough* professionalism but not a peep about this
The talking heads on Morning Joe told me that Rand Paul won his debate with Jack Conway last night because he came off as 'professorial.' But I don't think you can win a debate if all the news coverage coming out of it is related to one of your supporters stomping on the head of a woman.

Senator Ted Kennedy was right (pun intended), Torture was under new management in Iraq. Shoot the messenger.

A Fox News contributor and former state department adviser has accused WikiLeaks of conducting "political warfare against the US" and called for those behind the whistleblowing website to be declared "enemy combatants" so they can be subjected to "non-judicial actions".

In an opinion piece on the Fox News site, Christian Whiton lambasts Congress and the White House for failing to tackle the leaking of hundreds of thousands of files about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and demands action.

Here is why republicans want to control the
Governors office, the Lt. Governors office and the Alabama legislature
and what they plan to do;
the Lt. Gov. appoints HALF of the Redistricting Committee in Alabama? A Folsom victory could result in a split Committee, which could maintain or increase Democrat control… or, at the very least, make it very hard for Republican to change the districts. Alabama needs permanent, positive change, and that starts with redistricting. An “under vote” on LT. GOV. is a vote for the status quo, and a vote for Folsom is a vote for politics as usual. Kind of only leaves one choice, eh?

I'd like to know who's in charge of the Alabama Democratic Party strategy-specifically who's big bright idea it was to Fight for Alabama with a right leaning blog? Trust the ADP to take a butter knife to a gunfight. *Sigh*

It ain't over till it's over
While Sparks has not had the advantage of the corporate money dump that Bentley is using, he has done a fairly brilliant job of playing the hand he has been dealt.

If you think Halloween is scary, stay your Donkey at home on November 2nd and see how frightful things will be. I will be voting a straight ticket because that's the kind of democrat I am.

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