Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Redeye Stroll Down Memory Lane~ 2nd Edition

Welcome to the second installment of the first anniversary blog stroll down memory lane. In reviewing the post for today I've tried to construct a timeline for the beginning of the end of my LiA front page privileges.

Let's start with A blog stroll from my heart on October 17, 2009 be sure and read the comments....
As someone who is a product of the south and it's rich southern heritage I know racism when I see, hear and/or feel it. I'm aware of the code words and subtleties racist and bigots hide behind. Racism today is covert and institutional. Sure blacks/browns/reds can use public facilities and have the right to vote etc. but they are still the victims of defacto segregation and institutional racism.

Three days later I wrote What you see is what you get which is relevant today in light of the recent Bingo indictments.
There is the misconception that I am stoopid enough to believe ALL prosecutions are politically/racially motivated. Let me be clear, anytime I've made the allegation of political/racial prosecutions it's been in response to a SPECIFIC case we've discussed on LiA. I can understand why our conservative friends don't believe the prosecutions have a political/racial motivation, but I don't understand why my fellow liberals/progressives don't share my concern that our justice system, strike that, the Bush justice system has compromised the integrity of the rule of law, especially here in Alabama.

Followed by No Poor Coloreds Allowed in South Huntsville, also relevant today in light of the upcoming Congressional and State Senate election.
I read about this in the dead tree edition
And was suitably shocked at the rhetoric because I know quite a few people who live south of Governor's Drive and they aren't selfish bigots as you might believe if you listen to the leaders of this organization. This is a deliberate political strategy to frighten voters in south Huntsville and rile them up in advance of the 2010 election. Just look at the people involved:

On Tuesday, the upstart group drew an influential crowd, including Republican Brooks, a former legislator; newly elected state Sen. Paul Sanford, R-Huntsville; state Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur; and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne.

Bradley Byrne? He's running for governor, not mayor. Arthur Orr is from Decatur. Paul Sanford wouldn't be a state senator today without the (dare I say racial?) outrage stirred up over the initial HHA purchase of apartments near Chaffee and he desperately needs that same outrage next November to hold onto his seat. And Mo Brooks? He's saying some of the most incendiary stuff and he happens to be running for Congress -- so he also needs to scare those south Huntsville voters so he can look like a savior in the next election.

I believe Pigskin and Politics at Legion Field was the "beginning of the end"
I spent the weekend tailgating with friends and family at Legion Field attending what is affectionately called the Coal Bowl (aka The Magic City Classic). For readers who don't live in Sweet Home Alabama the Iron Bowl is the much anticipated annual interstate rivalry between Auburn University and The University of Alabama, the 'white schools". The Coal Bowl is the much anticipated annual interstate rivalry between Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University, the "black schools". The vestiges of segregation continue but it's all good.

But this is the straw that broke the Camel's back.
Weaall what do you know! Alabama Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis is the House Negro of the Day! I'm sure that will make him more viable to white conservatives. Way to go Artur! Make Alabama proud! *Snicker*

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here we are a year later talking about the same people and the same issues. Are we ever going to have change we can believe in or is it just a mirage?
Time will tell the truth.

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