Monday, October 25, 2010

More Questions for the Alabama Democratic Party

Approximatley 55 days ago ago I respectfully and sincerely asked the ADP the following questions about a contractual agreement for a specific and well defined product with the blog Left in Alabama.

Who entered into a contract with Left in Alabama on behalf of the Alabama Democratic Party and when?

Why would the Alabama Democratic Party enter into a contract with a blog with a clear understanding that nothing keeps us from kicking around the ADP at will here at LIA if we think they're screwing up.

Why are the specifics a "secret"? Those pesky contracts keep us quiet until it's done.....

Why would the Alabama Democratic Party enter into a contractual agreement with a blog who who bashed and smashed the Alabama Democratic nominee for Governor and echos right wing talking points regarding The Alabama Democratic Conference, The Alabama Education Association and says it's time for black leaders and elected officials to "step down" in favor of a so called new generation of black leaders?

Is the Alabama Democratic Party aware Left in Alabama has a history of supporting conservatives over liberal democrats and gave Congressman Artur Davis a free pass for his vote against health care reform?

Is the Alabama Democratic Party aware my front page privileges were revoked by the administrators because I said something they didn't like about Terri Sewell and because I wasn't an Artur Davis for Governor supporter? Although they claim I was never banned from posting Left in Alabama my account was disabled for several months. My account was briefly reinstated last month, then I pi$$ed them off again and was subjected to the Dale Jackson treatment.

To date those questions have not been answered now it has come to my attention the contract the contract was to develop a blog for the ADP, complete with informational pages on approximately 100 Democratic candidates. See Fight for Alabama.

In addition to the previous questions I am respectfully demanding answers to the following questions regarding Fight for Alabama.

1. What was the friends and family rate paid to Left in Alabama?

2. How were blogs chosen for the Blog Roll?

3. Why are only white blogs represented on the Blog Roll? And no South Union Street does not count because it's owned by the Montgomery Advertisor.

4. What other blogs does the ADP have a contractual agreement with?

I hope the ADP will answer my question and address my concerns because this situation needs some sunshine. As a loyal, long time long member of the democratic party I shouldn't have to beg for answers, they should be offered as freely as I offer my time, resources, and VOTES.

If you are really interested in Fighting For Alabama, you might want to pay attention to this

A federal judge has ordered defendants in an Alabama corruption case involving gambling-related legislation to tape record all conversations they had with public officials, political candidates, and lobbyists. That is a violation of the Fifth Amendment right to avoid self incrimination, according to a new report.

If you are really interested in Fighting for Alabama you might want to give this man some support
William G. "Bill" Barnes, a Democrat from Birmingham, is running a long-shot campaign against incumbent Republican Richard Shelby. Polls show Shelby with a comfortable lead, thanks partly to his massive campaign war chest, but Barnes does not intend to go quietly.

Instead of funding a blog you need to pay attention to the plight of some of your members;
If the cries of Montgomery politicians under indictment don’t generate sympathy, certainly the lamentation of unemployed workers in the Black Belt does. One effect of the bribe-induced Riley-Canary war on bingo in Alabama is the closure of bingo operations in Greene, Macon and Houston Counties, that employed literally thousands of workers, and brought millions of dollars annually to local government treasuries. We all wish that overwhelmingly black Greene and Macon Counties had bulldozers clearing land for new automotive and electronics plants, or for high-powered biology labs or computer engineering firms, but that’s the progress of the next generation. Right now, those counties are absolutely dependent on the entertainment and gaming business for their economic survival, and Obama’s what-me-worry attitude about Canary has placed that survival in jeopardy. Even in the white-majority Wiregrass, it’s probably safe to assume that Country Crossing employed a fair number of African-Americans in its service sector jobs. Had Bob Riley needed to worry about a U.S. Attorney with integrity in Montgomery, he would likely not have earned his Mississippi Choctaw bribes by shutting down the bingo halls, and the Legislature would probably have put a bingo referendum on this November’s ballot. As it is, there is no way to know when, or if, these businesses will reopen. At some point, even the President’s biggest supporters have to ask if he’s paying attention.

At some point, even the Alabama Democratic Party has to answer to loyal members of the party and let the sunshine in.

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Redeye said...

Compare the Fight for Alabama Blog Roll and this Blog Roll.

They are almost identical. What is wrong with this picture? Whose money is funding this?