Friday, October 8, 2010

Redeye's Week in Review

Get the rope! Light the torches! The Obama/Holder InJustice Department is cleaning up that there democratic culture of corruption and cronyism down here in Sweet Home Alabama with a couple of token republicans, independents and lobbyist thrown in for good measure. Yep, republicans are breathlessly salivating over the Bingo indictments and having multiple orgasms over the prospect of Milton McGregor and company spending lots of time at Club Fed. The spin is in.

Meanwhile under the radar...a Watchdog Groups Calls on Criminal Investigations and an IRS Audit of U.S. Chamber of Commerce over allegations of Foreign Money.
Hundreds Of Thousands Collected By Chamber To Influence Elections

Washington,, a group of watchdog organizations dedicated to corporate accountability, today renewed its calls for a criminal investigation and complete audit of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in light of yesterday’s stunning revelation that the Chamber has been actively soliciting money from foreign companies to influence American elections. In a report released yesterday, the non partisan Center for American Progress Action Fund found that the Chamber has been blatantly violating campaign finance laws not only by accepting money from foreign companies but also soliciting that money and then using it to try to influence U.S. Elections.

Race Baiting Radio Boy aka Dale Jackson (r. voter suppression with the state seal of approval) must really be desperate for ratings if he's going on location to Democratic Party Headquarters. I would rather run through hell with a pair of gasoline drawers than show up at Democratic Party Headquarters, or listen to his hate radio show myself, but y'all have fun. I hope radio boy shows up at the correct address. Oh wait, this might be another one of his *ahem* parody's.

Hallelujah! About 100 people from Alabama are traveling to Washington D.C. on October 30, 2010 to have their sanity restored! Please let them come back ready to fight the right wing noise machine, support the democratic nominee(s) and stop pandering to the right at the expense of the left. Amen.

This week, Elon James White provides what I believe to be the most persuasive and urgent articulation of the extreme importance of getting your Donkey out there and voting in this year’s election. H/T Jill Tubman Warning video contains the F word and it's not just for black people.
It’s not just the President who is under attack y’all…and yeah, it hasn’t all been perfect. Some things have happened that shouldn’t have happened. But overall it’s been pretty good and the Prez is working hard to pull America from the brink and get us back on track. The vision the Republicans and their Tea Party appears to involve some weird fetish for the America of the Founders….many of whom were active slave owners. If y’all can’t grasp the underlying significance of that fetish and have our President’s back, then you know what to do. Despite the fact that Barack Obama has not turned out to be a bacon-flavored magical unicorn avatar who can solve all America’s problems by appointing Professor Dumbledore to his cabinet — you betta vote (to crib a little RuPaul). Enthusiasm gap? Get over it. And vote.

Vote like your life depends on it.


Dale Jackson said...

Actually, I am going to the MadCo Dem HQ in order to get some interviews I normally can't get.

I just wanted to leave a comment so you think people read this site and you will continue writing irrelevant garbage and I can keep pointing out what a loon some Democrats are.

Redeye said...

Thank you for reading, commenting and point out what a loon some Democrats are.

Good luck with your attempt to bully democratic candidates/democrats and point out what loons some Democrats are at MadCo Dem HQ.

Redeye said...

Fast typing typo, should read;
Thank your for reading, commenting and pointing out what a loon some Democrats are.

PS, what you call people is what you are yourself.~ Sister Annette, St. Josephs Mission Catholic School

Redeye said...

#@$%! Did it again!
Thank YOU for reading, commenting and POINTING out what a loon some Democrats are.

Dale Jackson said...

So Redeye is now a tea bagger? That is what you call people.

Redeye the tea bagger is how I will refer to you from here on out.


yellowdog said...

Don't you just love visits from LiA bloggers like "he who shall not be named"? There must be a new clinical term for people who do a personal-reference google search of themselves multiple times each day, besides "delusions of grandeur" or "paranoia," although in this case both are still applicable. For someone who dodged criminal charges because of his irrelevance (no-harm-no-foul results), to think his opinion has any weight here is as wrong on this as every issue he has ever declared an opinion on.

You may be tolerated at that "progressive" blog for some obscure reason while people like Redeye and many, many others are shut out and silenced, but I don't think you'll get a pass here, especially since you have nothing relevant to say. Trolling is your waste of time, not ours.

I wish this guy would steer a lot of conservatives here so they would have exposure to the truth and humanity espoused by Redeye without the compromise, without the lack of backbone, without the endless quibbling.

Here we know right is right and wrong is wrong, and it is not a sliding scale of everybody has a point and a view. It is a scale of just how wrong you want to be and how far wrong we can tolerate. Wrong does tend to become intolerable.

Keep up the good works, Redeye.

Redeye said...

Thank you Yellowdog.

"Here we know right is right and wrong is wrong, and it is not a sliding scale of everybody has a point and a view. It is a scale of just how wrong you want to be and how far wrong we can tolerate. Wrong does tend to become intolerable."

I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

And DaleJackson, Teabaggers call themselves Teabaggers. Read all about it.

Last night on her show, pegged to the news of rival factions of the Tea Party Movement sort of squaring off, Rachel Maddow dedicated an entire segment to tracing the etymological history of the right-wing campaign. In addition to the “often entertaining in-fighting among all of the warring tea party factions,” Maddow noted, a new question has come to the forefront: “Should the Tea Party folks really be calling themselves ‘teabaggers?’”

Dale Jackson said...

Yellowdog, I read Redeye The Teabaggers site because it amuses me. Period.

Good to know I escaped criminal charges because of irrelevance, I thought it was because the grand jury found Troy King had no case because I broke no laws. Glad you know more than I do.

Redeye said...

It's not against the law to use the State Seal of the Alabama Secretary of State if you're not the Alabama Secretary of State? Who knew?

Dale Jackson said...

Redeye The TeaBagger,

I knew. And you know. But you keep pretending you don't get it.

Troy King tried to get me and failed. I went before a jury of my peers and he was rebuked.

Why do you hate justice.

Redeye said...

I don't hate justice, I hate InJustice.