Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whining whiners, Poverty, Health, Back Stabbers, Cowards and Doggy Doo, Oh My!

The Artur Davis, sore loser, farewell, whine tour goes on and on like the Energizer Bunny;
Having had four months to process the collapse of a 30-point lead in the polls into a 24-point loss in his race for governor, he's reached some conclusions. For all the early talk about whether whites would vote for a black to be governor, Davis now says he ran into racism in a primary that is dominated by black voters. He said he lost black votes because black political leaders -- who disliked Davis' centrist record and go-it-alone style -- successfully convinced black voters that a black couldn't win, and this black in particular shouldn't win.

Psst Artur! Don't try and blame black leadership for your miserable failure. Black leaders didn't tell you to pander to the right at the expense of the traditional base and to take black voters for granted. You can thank your white campaign advisers for that. And just maybe your loss had more to do with the state of your district and the fact you didn't have plan than it did your race and black leaders.
Alabama is one of 31 states that saw one-year increases in both the number and the percentage of the population living in poverty.

"It's not good news," said Jim Carnes, spokesman for the anti-poverty advocacy group Alabama Arise in Montgomery. "We're seeing record numbers on food stamps and insurance programs, and there really is a direct correlation -- as the poverty rate increases, government services have a greater demand."

The data shows 26 percent more households received food stamps in 2009 than in 2008. The median household income in the state also dropped 4.5 percent, from $42,408 to $40,489. Nationally, the drop was 2.9 percent, from $51,726 to $50,221. Only one state saw an increase: North Dakota.

For those who believe our Government can do no wrong check out the U.S. Government sponsored human medical experimentation from Tuskegee to Guatemala.
“The poorly educated black farmers in Alabama and the prisoners and mental patients in Guatemala had one important thing in common. They were not white.”

Deja Voodoo all over again in Sweet Home Alabama. Fool me once....can't fool me again.
If the people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 were sending one central message, it probably went something like this: "Whatever you do, don't act like George W. Bush."

Those voters must feel like they've been stabbed in the back after recent events in Alabama. The Obama Department of Justice arrested 11 individuals on Monday in a gambling-related investigation that has been heavy handed, misguided, politically motivated, and strategically timed to affect an election--all of the attributes we came to expect from the Bush DOJ.

This is why the right fears Nancy Pelosi."We'll Tie The GOP with Corporate Cash Like Doggy Doo Stuck on your shoe" . This is what I'm talking about! Girl Power!

"Whenever you get hit with an overwhelming weight, you have to jujitsu it. So we want to turn it against them... I want to tattoo them right on to the Republican candidate," she said, smacking her hand for emphasis. "Big oil, big banks, big health insurance: We're going to tattoo you with that, so it's like doggy-doo stuck on your shoe. Wherever you go, people will know."

The democratic party doesn't stand for cowardice. One thing I will give the gop credit for is their unity and their courage. They stand behind their party right or wrong. You don't hear about them reaching across the aisle and voting with democrats. You don't hear of them bashing their leader. You don't hear of them helping democrats put their people in prison. Heck George W. Bush got them to send our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan without an exit plan. Hate to say it but maybe democrats need to borrow a spine from the gop.

What if Democrats hold on to their majorities? What if the same thing happens in 2010 that happened in 2006 and 2008? What would happen is that it would be game over for the Republican party. Anger is their only plan and if it fails then there is nothing else. Republicans are more vulnerable than they have ever been. If Democrats merely show up to vote this year then the Republicans are gone.

Get off your Donkey's and VOTE!

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