Thursday, October 14, 2010

They hate us because we're "Pure Democrats"

It used to make my flesh crawl when Bush said "they hate our freedom" in response to the 911 attack. He never identified who "they" were or what "freedom" they hated. But I can honestly say "they" are right wing/conservative/republicans who hate us because we're Democrats. Strike that, they hate us for the core values and principles PURE Democrats stand for.

Pure democrats fight for the right of all Americans to have access to quality, affordable, health care. Pure democrats are the majority of Americans on this issue, if they weren't, President Obama wouldn't have been elected on November 4, 2008.

Pure democrats believe all women have the right to choose to have a safe, legal abortion and complete control over her reproductive system.

Pure democrats believe LBGT citizens have the same rights as heterosexual citizens.

Pure democrats believe all children should have equal access to a quality public education.

Pure democrats believe in the right for workers to organize.

Pure democrats believe in protecting our environment.

What we all have to consider is what it would mean for the future of our country those that hate us this passionately actually accrue power in Washington.

Just because candidates/elected officials have a D behind their name doesn't mean they are democrat.
My definition of Blue Dog/Conservative/Democrats are candidates and elected officials whom identify themselves as "Democrats" to garner the African American vote, and "Conservative" to garner the White votes. In reality they are social conservatives, also known as Republicans.

Bobby Bright is the prime example of a Blue Dog peeing where they sleep.
Desperate freshmen like Bobby Bright, who haven't earned their bones-- or enough bones-- with Big Business yet are the only ones freaking out. You saw his despicable ad last week, bragging that he's voted with Boehner 80% of the time; this week he has a new one (up top) indicating he won't be voting for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker if he's reelected. Bright says he's heard his constituents and they want a conservative running the House. Is that so? No Democrat could possibly win in AL-2 without landslide wins in Lowndes, Bullock, Barbour and Butler counties where Blue America will be making sure voters are part of the conversation as well as Bright's allies in the elite country club set of suburban Montgomery.

Pure democrats in Bright's district are darned if vote for Bright, darned if they don't vote for Bright.
Democrats can't even fully attack the U.S. Chamber for financing the Republican Party with foreign money because some of that Chinese and Russian and Arab dough is going to Blue Dogs as well as Republicans. The Chamber has endorsed aisle-crossing Blue Dogs Frank Kratovil (MD), Glenn Nye (VA), Travis Childers (MS), Jim Marshall (GA) and Bobby Bright (AL) and they're as guilty of treason-- allowing foreign money to finance our elections-- as are Boehner and the rest of the GOP. But, after all, isn't that one of the primary functions of Blue Dogs... muddying the water?

I want to know why we pure democrats enable them to muddy the waters? Do we have a chronic case of the Stockholm syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse from their captors as an act of kindness.[1

History will show pure democrats have been on the right (pun intended) side of every social and political issue
Throughout our history, Republicans have fought against social reform and Democrats have fought for it. Looking back on history, who was right? Where would Americans be today without Social Security, Medicare and programs such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program?

Defeat Hate, Vote for Hope. Vote for democrats.

To para quote Dubya,you're either with the pure democrats or you are against the pure democrats. You can't have it both ways. Let the new democrats form their own party.
IMHO, our Democratic Party does not need re-inventing, neither our core issues nor our beliefs need prioritizing, I do agree that changes need to be made, but not in these areas.

Because of all that has happened in the past ten years, we are facing challenges that we have never faced before. We need good, intelligent leaders, not just one good leader, but many. The sad fact is that in the history of man, there have been many years when good leaders have been direly needed and none could be found.

I am perfectly happy with our core beliefs, and with the issues we have identified as being the ones to address at this time in history. I do not believe we need to change or modify anything.

How could we change or modify our belief in the need to address Climate Change and the need to do it quickly? How could we change or modify our belief that health care is a right, not a privilege? How could we change or modify our belief that democratic governance demands that our civil laws include civil rights for everyone? How could we change or modify our belief that unions have a role to play in the economics of our nation? How could we change or modify our belief in separation of church and state?

No, we need good leaders, intelligent and articulate, to figure out how to write and pass the laws, rules and regulations and create policy that will get us from here to there. And we "little people" need to gather some intelligence unto ourselves.

I am also perfectly happy with our brand of Democratic, liberal and progressive. It is Republicans that have tried to re-brand us with odious names.

They hate us for our core beliefs.

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