Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bribery My Donkey

I hate it when "democrats" help the bad guys put the good guys in jail. Has anyone but me noticed members of the party that wants all Americans to have access to quality health care, equal access to a public education, women have the right to choose to have a safe legal abortion, labor have the right to organize, our LBGT sisters and brothers have equal rights, who fight for civil rights and human rights, and who stand up and fight for the rights of the least of these are being investigated, tried and convicted by members of the party who are against those things? I'm just saying...

Has anyone but me noticed members of the party who are fighting for jobs and people in the black belt are labled corrupt by members of the party who are putting people out of work in the black belt? WTFU this isn't about BINGO. This is is bigger than BINGO. It's about jobs. Strike that, it's about poor people.

SELMA | Alabama's Black Belt is suffering some of the worst economic downturn in the nation.
In October, Wilcox County posted a 25.1 percent jobless rate, which was the second highest in the nation.
Statewide, unemployment nearly doubled from a year ago to 10.9 percent in October, the third-biggest jump among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. But new November numbers offer some hope. They show Alabama's jobless rate fell to 10.5 percent, the first month-to-month decline since September 2007.
Still, the rate remains far above the 6.2 percent unemployment posted in November 2008. And Tom Surtees, director of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, cautioned that it's too early to call the drop a trend.

This debate is about jobs and following the law. It's about the economically disadvantaged people living in the black belt, who unfortunately have to depend either on jobs at the Bingo Hall or toxic waste dumps for their lively hood.
Employees of Victoryland and Country Crossing, two of the state's largest bingo casinos, were among the marchers.

Many blamed Governor Bob Riley for losing their jobs.
"I don't think a lot of folks realize, that when Victoryland shut down, another 60 people's livelihoods were affected," said Jim Gartland, who raced greyhounds at Victoryland. "Some 600 greyhounds that are born to run, that's what they love to do and now they can't do it."

Both casinos shut down earlier this year, following attempted raids by the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

If there was some "bribery" going on, it didn't work
MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) – Alabama state senators shot down bringing an electronic bingo bill to a full debate on Wednesday.
State Senator Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, sponsor of the "Sweet Home Alabama" electronic bingo bill, said at this time, he does not plan to bring the bill back up for consideration in this legislative session.

But several other senators have come forward with plans for their own electronic bingo bills.

Only in Sweet Home Alabama could the legislators fighting for jobs and voting rights be considered corrupt criminals. Ain't that a dip?
Rogers is chairman of the Alabama Black Legislative Caucus. He said the removal of bingo machines at Greenetrack will cause the loss of 400 valuable jobs in the impoverished Black Belt county.

“There’s a mother of three who just bought a house and now she’s going to lose her house,” Rogers said.

So as you sit in front of your computers in your nice comfy homes/offices, breathlessly reading every line of the Grand Jury Indictment becoming the Judge,Jury and the Executioner, think about what this is really about. We are Democrats. We are the good guys and gals. We fight FOR the people who don't have comfy homes, offices, education or health care.
Arrested were state Sens. Larry Means, D-Attalla, Jim Preuitt, R-Talladega, and Harri Anne Smith, R-Slocomb; VictoryLand bingo casino controlling owner Milton McGregor; lobbyist Jarrod Massey; Legislative Reference Service analyst Ray Crosby; Dothan's Country Crossing bingo casino controlling owner Ronnie Gilley; lobbyist Tom Coker; Montgomery lobbyist Robert “Bob” Geddie Jr.; and Country Crossing spokesman Jarrell W. “Jay” Walker.

McGregor also owns the Jefferson County race track where he had hoped to install electronic bingo machines.

They appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Terry F. Moorer. Each was shackled at the waist, wrists and ankles.

These men and women aren't corrupt criminals. They didn't bribe anyone for their personal gain. They are hard working men and women, elected by you and me to enact laws and represent us in the legislature. If this issue illustrates anything it's the need for campaign finance reform and public financing of campaigns because that's what this is really about. It takes money to run for office. Strike that, it takes lots of money to run for public office. Therein lies the problem.

It's not about Bribery, it's about JOBS.
Greenetrack’s impactJobs lost: Greenetrack employed about 400 people before it was shut down in July. On Friday, paper bingo returned, and some of those unemployed were hired back, but more than 350 remain jobless.

Community spending: Without travelers coming for bingo, local businesses have reported a decline in patrons.

Money for charities: Contributions from Greenetrack to local charities and nonprofits are gone, including the annual $780,000 for the Greene County School System.

We are the good guys and gals, remember?
Democrats believe in an economy that entitles all to flourish and not just a select few. In giving more tax cuts for the poor and not just focusing on those that are financially affluent. Democrats believe in more government regulating business vs. letting the market or upper management dictate what and who benefits from a strong economy. Democrats stand for equal rights, such as equal pay for women. Democrats tend to be Pro-choice on the Abortion issue and support stem-cell research. Most in the party, but not all support Gay Marriage and ironically favor President Bush's view on either a form of amnesty for illegal immigration or various forms of supporting immigration. The illegal immigration subject varies widely throughout members of the democratic party. Democrats believe in gun control such as bills and laws that promote guns not getting into the hands of criminals. They are more apt to argue the need to raise minimum wage. Religious democrats tend to have the opinion of not supporting big corporations and have the attitude and value system of Jesus loves everyone to include the poor, that everyone is entitled to health care, and that the only voice for the poor or uninsured is the democratic party.

Who wins if the bad guys/gals lock up good guys/gals?

Think about it.

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