Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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We can all live in Alabama
The Republican Party has a proposal for you. With your hope and change frustrated by their obstruction, they would like you to blame the president, stay depressed instead of volunteering, and forget to vote on November 2nd.

In return, they'll make the entire country into Alabama. Remember the scene in Demolition Man where Sylvester Stallone finds out that in the future, all restaurants are Taco Bells? It will be just like that, and exhibit A is California. Really, I'm not kidding. If you want to see what America will look like should tea party Republicans take Congress, come pay "the Heart of Dixie" a visit.
Breaking News! Radio Boy, aka Dale Jackson "went before a jury of his peers" for his role in Voter Suppression with the State Seal of Approval. According to him the jury said it wasn't wrong to use the State Seal of the Secretary of State of Alabama if you weren't the Secretary of State of Alabama. Who knew? Funny how he was one of the main ones pushing the so called New Black Panther Voter Intimidation meme.
BUT Dale, What is voter intimidation?

Voter intimidation involves putting undue pressure on a voter or group of voters so that they will vote a particular way, or not at all. Absentee and other remote voting can be more open to some forms of intimidation as the voter does not have the protection and privacy of the polling location. Intimidation can take a range of forms.
Uh, why reinvent the democratic party and turn it into the new democratic party? What's wrong with the old democratic party? You know, the one that stands for civil rights, women's rights, labor, public education, the middle class, the disenfranchised, human rights, jobs, and protecting the environment? We don't need to reinvent the democratic party, we just need to kick the infiltrators out.
Re-inventing the Dem Party?
1. Stop singing from the Republican Party hymnal!

2. Stop taking money from corporations and fatcats and become "the party of the working man" again. As we've seen in recent years, all those small donor $10, $20, and $50 contributions can turn into hundreds of millions of dollars.

Move towards a completely grassroots party and start a concerted national movement to end corporate control of government through campaign donations. Let the American people know that your candidates are "non-Wall Street owned".

3. Do this before the American middle class is completely extinct, due to more "brilliant" conservative theories like NAFTA, CAFTA and mass de-regulation.

4. Define what you are as a party and don't ever forget it again!
Score one for the Teachers Union! Black Chicago Teachers Win Discrimination Lawsuit against Arne Duncan's Mass Firings. Could this be why the right doesn't like Teachers Unions?
Back in June of 2009, BAR told the story of activist teachers who sued the Chicago Public Schools to reverse the firings of hundreds of committed, experienced, mostly black and female teachers in dozens of schools and their replacement with less experienced, younger, whiter teachers at lower salaries. This pattern of discriminatory firings and school closings has since been replicated across the country, and is a core element the Obama administration’s education policy. Since then, some of those same teachers have won the leadership of Chicago's 30,000 strong teachers union. Earlier this week, a US District Court judge ruled in their favor.
What's that you say? Politico Uses News Stories to Push It's Deficit Agenda? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Not.
Politico wrongly told readers that: "voters tells pollsters they’re worried about all the red ink in the federal budget, and Democratic centrists have grown more urgent in telling Obama it’s time to rein in federal spending." This is not true.

A recent NYT-CBS poll found that just 9 percent of respondents said that the deficit was something that they were angry about. It is also inaccurate to identify Democrats who raise concerns about the deficit as "centrist." They can more accurately be identified as Democrats with close ties to corporate interests. Their financing base is a far more obvious way to distinguish their ideological leanings
The New Black Panther Party sends Poll Monitors to largely African American Neighborhoods in Chicago. Oops! I mean Mark Kirk (r.) sends Poll Monitors in largely African American Neighborhoods in Chicago to make sure those darkies aren't up to no good.
In a private phone conversation that was secretly recorded, Mark Kirk, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, told state Republican leaders last week about his plan to send "voter integrity" squads to four predominately African American neighborhoods of Chicago "where the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat."
Gasp! South Carolina republican Senatorial Candidate Jim DeMint, one of the Senate's most conservative members, is using campaign finance laws to legally get around traditional limits on how much individual politicians spend supporting other candidates.
In a sharp departure from typical campaign practice, South Carolina GOP Sen. Jim DeMint has used a leadership political action committee to spend $1.5 million dollars on behalf of 15 conservative Senate candidates in this year's midterm elections.
Dress rehearsal for Halloween or how they will govern if elected?
Apparently Eric Cantor is doing his best to distance his party from Rich Iott. What an interesting and colorful character. It seems the republicans are full of interesting and colorful characters running this November. Maybe that's why they are slated to pick up so many seats. A-merry-ca loves interesting and colorful characters. Compared to the republicans democrats are so boring. I mean witches; fake hillbillies; hitmen; headless corpses in the desert; illegal housekeepers. Hollywood cant touch these folks for excitement. The poor boring dumbocrats don't stand a chance.
Now run tell THAT homeboy!
Ever since Antoine Dodson's TV news interview from Huntsville, Ala., when he sounded off about an intruder who broke into his sister's apartment and allegedly attempted to rape her, he has become a media spectacle, if not a celebrity. His televised rant has been remixed and Auto-Tuned in music videos viewed millions of times online. On Oct. 2, Dodson performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards show, which airs Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. on BET.
I hope Homeboy is being paid for THIS.
Just watch and wait for it so you too can see what they did there. Also, what the hell? How are you going to work in references to Antoine Dodson's viral video about his sister's near sexual assault in a POLITICAL ATTACK AD!?!?!?! What's next? Ads for bug spray? ("They're climbing in your windows, spreading Lyme Disease, trying to kill you so you better spray the yard! Spray the house! Spray the yard! Spray the house! And use some OFF too because they biting everybody out there!") I give up. I give up on everything.
Don't give up, get up! This is is why we must get off our Donkey's and VOTE for HOPE and CHANGE we can believe in.


Dale Jackson said...

My God your stupidity knows no bounds.

How about I go out to a polling place on the 2nd of November with a lead pipe and see what happens?

I made a joke, a joke that is protected by free speech. There was no crime. And everyone involved knew it. The state Democratic party had to play to idiots like you after running such a pathetic candidate and race.

Redeye said...

It's free speech to use an official government seal for joke if you are Dale Jackson.

Dale Jackson said...

Actually, it would be consider free speech if you did it as well. Chance are no one would see it so you would have nothing to worry about.

So let me ask you... do you not believe King tried to get me for this? Do you not believe he failed or what?

Redeye said...

AG Troy King is the Lawyer for the State of Alabama, it's his job to protect the interest of the State and it's citizens. It's not about King trying to get you, it's about King enforcing the law. I don't think King failed, I think the jury of your peers failed.

Dale Jackson said...

That makes sense.

Redeye said...

Voter Suppression with the State Seal of Approval is not free speech, it's like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire. People could get hurt. If that doesn't make "sense" to you, I'm sorry. Not.

Dale Jackson said...

That comparison makes zero sense. As usual.

Your claim that it was "voter suppression" is unsubstantiated and the law has spoken. You lose, as usual. Dale Jackson wins, as usual.

Redeye said...

I didn't lose, Democracy lost. As usual.

Psst! It's not about Y-O-U and it't not about M-E, it's about liberty and justice for A-L-L not S-O-M-E.

Redeye said...

"Legal does not equal right."~Dale Jackson

Dale Jackson I'll have to say you were right~mooncat

Dale Jackson said...

Even I admitted I made a mistake in using the seal. That doesn't make it the hate crime you keep implying it is.

Get relevant.

Redeye said...

I've never implied it was a hate crime, it's attempted voter suppression using the official Alabama State Seal of the Secretary of State. So,you admit you made a mistake using the State Seal of the SOS, but it wasn't a mistake for you to use your platform and tell the public democrats were to vote on a different day than repubicans. Interesting.
What do you have planned for the midterm elections?