Friday, October 15, 2010

Redeye's Week in Review

This is what freedom of speech looks like.
A Colorado artist says people may not like his latest work, but it's all about freedom of speech. Paul Snover says he was commissioned by a Grand Junction man to design the billboard at Melody Lane and I-70B.It depicts President Obama as a terrorist, homosexual, bandito and gangster.
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What's that you say? Some are having a conniption about black bloggers? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Not.
The inherent audacity in White Privilege is hidden behind the facade of your holier-than-thou condescension toward Black media. Thanks for pulling aside the facade of “fair and balanced” media to show the ugly face of racism.

The Obama DoJ ask judge to set aside DADT. Bummer.
As the administration continues to wage war against the Professional Left -- except for when they're begging for our money and our votes -- Conservadems fighting to save their splotchy hides continue to distance themselves as fast as their stumpy legs will carry them and as far as their spidery arms will reach.

The rule of law is alive and well, just not here.
The World Justice Project on Thursday published a "Rule of Law Index," and there's no easy way to say this. Let me put it this way: as when rankings on education, infant mortality, work hours, lifespan, retirement security, health, environmental impact, incarceration rates, violence, concentration of wealth, and other measures of quality of life come out, it is time once again for we Americans to shout "We're Number One!" more loudly than ever. Because, of course, we're not.

The Tea Party does not exist
Recent developments demonstrate that the Tea Party is not the powerful national force that it’s been made out to be. The organization’s meager levels of participation (documented in my and Paul Street’s past research) has finally come back to haunt the Tea Party in the run-up to the midterm elections, as it has been unable to organize outside of scattered local electioneering, largely in favor of Republican interests. In short, the Tea Party does not exist – at least not in the form depicted in the mass media and in political commentary.

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